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The Rules

1.Must Link Back to Gummy Dust.
2.Please Do not edit any of my coding. As i worked really hard on these layouts.
If you want to buy them and thier Copyright you can head to Killer Designs To make an order..
3.You can not alter any of the coding and you can not edit it to make your own.
4.If you are caught stealing your ip will be banned from viewing any of those layouts again.
5.Just do it and Give Credit where its due. Show the support so that other people can find their way here and be able to find something they want to use.
6.If anyone has an questions i will do my best to answer any kind of questions you might have. You can also shoot me a message through an email at:contact@gummy-dust.xyz. Or you may leave a message on Cbox.
7.Some Folders Might have Password protection. That you will have to email me to get the password for. Sorry I will need to know who are going to use it. So i can check back that you are linking me..
8.Please do not try to go to the pages and try to find layouts that are in folders and are not listed because they are not done yet. If They are not listed on the site then there is no Reason for you to go look for files that you do not need to see. Im still working on things to be added and don't need people going to folders..