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This Css was giving me a headache

DaTE: 3/10/21 tIME: 9:56PM

I worked on this layout like omg for 5 days and i ran to problems with the internet cause we had no internet for the past 5 days. It would work 5 mins and it was out and omg. i will be bloging about it on my other website at sheisloved.xyz.. I had to hit up www.w3schools.com to re learn about how to put the links above this layout and put it the way it is. I have a headache forreal. Having to use some resourses again and maybe like 20 plus times to remember how this goes. There is so much cool things u can do so i learn something everyday. I will try and work on some layouts to post. It's just that with the internet being down and me going to sleep super early ugh.. But i will try and put something up soon! just keep an eye out!!

Happy Late Vday!!

DATE: 02-15-21 TIME: 12:13AM

Hey whats up? So i added some layouts and still working on more to add to the site. Sorry i been working on other websites but i will work more this week since its going to be pretty cold. it just takes me a while to get everything working. So There is one new one today but all the other ones have been done for months i just hadn't reelize that i didn't post them so now they are up and im kinda not liking this layout anymore so i will work on a new one in a couple of daYS.! WELL TALK SOON!!

What a Huge Headache this has Gave Me

Date:1/27/21 - Time:9:32pm - Mood: Ugh

Hey whats up? So going to work on the pages on this site. I feel a little better but not fully better but im bored so decided to work on this crazy layout again with the coding that have drove me crazy. its not exactly how i want it but it is decent i would have to say. But i really do love this layout.